Lexus pushes “the boundaries of the electrified experience” at the Japan Mobility Show -.

As the Japan Mobility Show edge gets closer and closer, we are seeing more and more automakers teasing what they have in store for the event. For Lexus, this means pretty big promises, as the automaker has now said it will unveil next-generation concepts and advanced technologies that will “enhance the will push the boundaries of the electrified experience.”

Noting that this will be the next step forward in Lexus’ plans to transform itself into an EV brand, an entire lineup of BEV concept cars will be shown at the event to be held between Oct. 26 and Nov. 5.

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To add to Lexus’ theme, the company also announced that its booth at the show will use bamboo material, as it seeks to deliver on carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly promises.

Lexus is hosting a press conference featuring many of these promised projects on Oct. 25 at 2:30 BST / 3:30 CEST.

Lexus pushes "the boundaries of the electrified experience" at Japan Mobility Show

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