What is presented and where can you watch it?

The next Apple event will take place on the night of October 31st.  (Image: Apple)

The next Apple event will take place on the night of October 31st. (Image: Apple)

The next Apple event is just around the corner. Apple is calling the event “Scary Fast” in keeping with Halloween – “scary fast”. There are already initial indications of which products Apple will present.

When does the event take place?

On October 31st at 1:00 a.m. German time: So if you want to follow this Apple event, you’ll have to stay awake a little longer. In California, the event takes place in the early evening at 5 p.m. – a somewhat unusual time for Apple.

Where can you watch it?

You can follow the event either on Apple’s website, in the Apple TV app or on YouTube.

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What is presented?

The event will probably revolve around new Macs. This can also be concluded by visiting the event website on Apple.com. The Apple logo changes to a Finder logo – in a spooky way, suitable for Halloween.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo assumes that the new MacBook Pros will be introduced with an M3 chip.

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Kuo also suggests that Apple will introduce not just one M3 chip, but the entire series: M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max.

The Apple expert previously assumed that Apple would not release M3 MacBooks in 2023. If the company does introduce them now, inventory could be low until the first quarter of 2024. This is due to the low sales figures of the M2 Mac generation, which did not deliver a substantial performance upgrade.

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If the new M3 MacBook Pros sell poorly, Apple could consider releasing a cheaper MacBook model next year, Kuo said.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg also assumes that new MacBook Pros will be introduced. He is said to have learned that Apple internally tested MacBook Pro models with 14 and 16 inches and M3 Max and M3 Pro chips. A refresh of these two models is therefore very likely.

However, Gurman assumes that no new MacBook Airs, Mac Minis, Mac Studios and Mac Pros will be introduced. The event will be all about the MacBook Pro.

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Are you looking forward to new MacBook Pros? Or would you rather have an idea of ​​a different product? What do you think about the rumors that Apple is planning to launch a cheap MacBook? Would you get it and what price should such a device aim for? Write us your wishes and opinions in the comments!

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