Jimmy Carr comes to Romania: where and when we will be able to see the famous comedian live

The famous British comedian, Jimmy Carr, will return to Romania. He will perform, not one, but two shows: in Bucharest, but also in Cluj-Napoca.

The two shows come seven years away from his first show, held in Bucharest. At that time, Carr was received with great enthusiasm by the public in our country.

It is very important to know that the two shows, from Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca, will be performed exclusively in English. Moreover, they are in no way recommended to minors.

Jimmy Carr returns to Romania (in Bucharest, but also in Cluj)

Jimmy Carr chose to add to the list, in his most recent stand-up comedy tour, “Terribly Funny”, Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca. This tour was launched three years ago, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic and, implicitly, the restrictions imposed by the authorities in each country, it has been postponed until now.

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Those who love black and smart humor, extremely bold in expression, are invited to buy tickets to the latest show by comedian Jimmy Carr, which will take place on October 17, in Cluj-Napoca, at the House of Culture of Students , and then, the next day, the blacksmith of the inhabitants of the Capital would laugh heartily, on October 18, at the Palace Hall. Both shows will start at 20:00, and access to the halls will be allowed one hour in advance.

Tickets for Jimmy Carr’s stand-up shows can be purchased on iabilet.ro, as follows: Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest. Prices vary depending on the chosen category, corresponding to the place in the performance hall.

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“The downside is that they are constantly looking for the approval of others. They want to be liked. It’s like having a personality dissociation, and this would be your job, ”Jimmy Carr said some time ago.

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