Lego promises net-zero emissions by 2050 -.

The Lego Group has announced that it plans to have net-zero emissions by the year 2050. In a press release, the company states that it plans to significantly reduce its environmental impact over the next few decades, all by meeting the goals of the Science Based Target initiative.

Lego notes that it plans to achieve a 37% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2032 and will outline its goals and plans for achieving the net zero goal by 2050 over the next two years. To complete such an achievement, Lego also pledges to spend more than $1.4 billion on sustainability-related activities, including designing and constructing carbon-neutral buildings and sites, increasing renewable energy capacity at its sites, considering carbon emissions in all business decisions and working with suppliers to reduce environmental impact.

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“We know that children look to us to do what is right. Caring about the environment is one of their biggest concerns and we receive hundreds of letters a year with great ideas from kids about how we can make a difference. They hold us accountable and we need to set ambitious goals and take meaningful and sustainable actions to protect their future.” said Niels B Christiansen, CEO of the LEGO Group.

“Our first priority is to measurably reduce our carbon emissions, but the challenge is enormous and we are taking steps in all areas of our business to reduce our impact on the environment.”

Lego promises net-zero emissions by 2050

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