Kristen Stewart spoke for the first time about the impact that the role of Princess Diana in Spencer had on her.

Kristen Stewart, the lead actress of “Spencer,” released an emotional statement on Monday, sharing her views on mental health, which she has faced throughout her life, Princess Diana, whom she played. a.

Stewart confessed that she enjoyed the honor of her first nomination for Best Actress at the 2022 Oscars for her biographical film “Spencer,” directed by Pablo Larraín.

In fact, Kristen Stewart has been able to make quite a name for herself in the media lately, thanks to her support for the LGBTQ + community (she, in turn, is bisexual, according to her own statements). Therefore, the nomination acquires new values ​​in this sense.

She was also recently named honorary president at the Independent Spirit Awards, where both the actress and Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally pointed the middle finger at Vladimir Putin in the context of the invasion of Ukraine.

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Kristen Stewart and the impact this role has had on her acting career

The film “Spencer” closely follows the (slightly) fictional version of Princess Diana, as she fights subtly with the British royal family over a holiday weekend.

Stewart’s performance was, without exception, perhaps exceptional, and depicts a special side of one of the most beloved figures in contemporary history.

Larraín, who also directed the psychological and historical drama “Jackie” in 2016, starring Natalie Portman, offered a perspective on the Princess that not many have had the opportunity to see since the Royal Family of England. he always kept the truth behind the scenes, for the sake of spreading a perfect image in the world.

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In her published letter, Kristen Stewart talks about the unhappiness behind the eating disorder that the Princess of Hearts suffered, amid many bouts of depression, in the context of the difficult relationship with both her husband, Prince Charles, and his famous family. In this letter, the actress mentions the profound impact that this role has had on her career.

Actress Kristen Stewart’s statement about the role of Princess Diana in the movie “Spencer”

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