Kings League Americas arrives

There will be Kings League Americas! The competition that is taking the beautiful game to another dimension begins its expansion by landing in America. This was announced by president Gerard Piqué this Friday at the Chup-Chup Kings prior to the final matchday.

The league will start in January 2024 and will follow the same format as the Kings League InfoJobs. The Kings League Americas will be played in Mexico City and will feature 12 Spanish-speaking presidents from different countries throughout the Americas such as, Argentina, Colombia or the United States, among others.

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After the success of the Kings League InfoJobs, the Kings League Americas is now a reality. The competition will be played in parallel on both sides of the Atlantic. The new league will follow the same rules as the current tournament, so that international playoffs can be held with the best teams from each country.

Tickets on sale Kings & Queens Finals

More than 61,000 people will be able to enjoy on-site the two semi-finals and the grand final of the Kings and Queens, a total of six matches, plus the show with performances between the matches in which the show is assured. Tickets for the Kings & Queens Finals can be purchased through the following link:

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