Kill the Justice League delayed in connection always online requirement, according to rumors – That’s Gaming

As was heavily speculated after the controversial co-op showcase, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has been postponed. Instead of May 26, it will launch on Feb. 2, 2024 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. While it is unknown what changes Rocksteady might make, Jez Corden heard from Windows Central that removing/reworking the “always online” requirement is one of them.

Of course, this is only “part of the delay.” There may be other drastic changes to the user interface and gameplay, perhaps some improvements and balance changes. However, as Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier noted earlier, don’t expect the core gameplay to change, which is that of a co-op looter with live service elements.

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On the somewhat positive side, VGC’s Andy Robinson said that some of the people working on the game “actually have a lot of positive things to say about it.” It is apparently “not another Gotham Knights,” and he would be surprised “if they rebuild it in a significant way, because it sounds pretty positive.”

Of course, time will tell, so stay tuned for more details. Warner Bros. Games has another major release this year in Mortal Kombat 12, which is rumored to receive an announcement this week. Provisionally confirmed by Warner Bros. Discovery in an earnings call, the fighting game sequel has received no further details so far.

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