Kiev calls on Ukrainians to save electricity after missile hits local power plant

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Oct. 16 () –

Ukrainian authorities have asked this Saturday the population of Kiev to try to save electricity between 17.00 and 23.00 hours in order to avoid emergency outages, after a missile hit this Saturday a plant located on the outskirts of the city.

The power company, Ukrenergo, has shared a Facebook post in which it has asked citizens to recharge their cell phones and portable batteries before the early evening, also to prepare dinner in advance if they have an electric stove.

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The reason, they have detailed, is that the “terrorists” are trying to take down the substations that have the necessary transformers to reduce the voltage of the current so that it can be distributed to consumers, with the aim of leaving thousands of citizens without light.

“If our substation is damaged or destroyed, Ukrenergo energy workers immediately try to cure consumers with other connections, often ‘country road’ lines, a source of energy not as reliable as highway power and that is the main reason why we ask you to save,” they explained in the statement.

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The company has detailed that if on the contrary they were to experience an increase in consumption, given the inability to transmit power by other routes they would be forced to generate an emergency cut or blackout, so they have asked to stop consumption after 23.00 hours.

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