Robert Kiyosaki claims that bitcoin can protect wealth “in an economic crisis” and recommends secondary activities.

Kiyosaki says bitcoin is among the assets that can protect wealth, but he warned that in the event of an economic crash, the asset would not serve as a buffer for income, he said in a tweet on Oct. 13.

In this line, the author recommended looking for a secondary activity to serve as an additional source of income if the economy collapses.

“Gold, silver, bitcoin can protect your WEALTH… but not your INCOME. When the economy crashes, the stock market crashes, pensions crash, and unemployment rises, a SECONDARY ACTIVITY can provide income. And who knows? Your side business may become the next Amazon or Bitcoin. Be careful. Be aware,” he said.

Warning against real estate investments

At the same time, Kiyosaki warned against investing in real estate, noting that taxes are likely to be raised with properties depreciating in the wake of rising interest rates.

“Why I don’t recommend REAL ESTATE ANYMORE. In my book Capitalist Manifesto (2022), I stated that the Marxists would take over the United States in the 2020 election. The Marxists will raise property taxes, impose rent control, as rising interest rates drive down property values. I recommend gold, silver and bitcoin.” he said.

Robert Kiyosaki’s latest view aligns with his long-held view that the economy is destined to collapse in the near future, and he blames Federal Reserve policies for containing runaway inflation.

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A potential dollar crash

Robert Kiyosaki argued in favor of precious metals, suggesting that the dollar will likely crash in early 2023. However, he pointed out that silver could be a better alternative to the dollar, while predicting that the metal will rebound to $500.

In addition, Robert Kiyosaki believes that confidence in traditional financial investment products has been challenged by the initiatives of global central banks to combat inflation. As a result, he characterized cash, stocks and bonds as “toast“.

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