Kia has big plans for Europe: when it launches EV9

Kia has confirmed that it will offer the EV9 electric SUV in Europe.

Previewed by the Concept EV9, which was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show late last year, it is similar in size to the US-only Kia Telluride and was specifically designed to meet the demand in that market for large SUVs. . But with the growing demand for such vehicles in Europe, it will now be offered for sale here as well.

The EV9 concept uses the same Hyundai Motor Group EV-specific platform as the current Kia EV6 crossover, with a length of 4930 mm and a wheelbase of 3100 mm. These dimensions are set to be kept for the production version.

The EV9 may have a two-wheel drive engine that offers all-wheel drive, but an entry-level variant with a single engine on the rear axle is a possibility.

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The E-GMP platform has an 800 V electrical architecture, allowing fast charging at rates of up to 350 kW.

The style of the EV9 concept is described by Kia’s head of European design, Gregory Guillaume, as a “close preview” of the production version, although with some of the weirder features to be reduced.

EV9, a bold model

The bold, angular exterior style is set to be retained, along with the “digital tiger face” front, which features customizable LED lights effectively hidden inside the body, in what Kia calls a “star cloud platform.”

While the rear hinged rear doors and the lack of the B-pillar featured on the Concept EV9 are unlikely to be transferred to the production car, a number of internal features are expected, including the cropped dashboard and slim, angled headrests to be kept in a certain shape.

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Significantly, the production version of the EV9 will be the first Kia to be offered with the company’s Automode autonomous driving technology.

It will also be designed to use both over-the-air and on-demand software (FOD) updates, through which owners can purchase additional features and functions using in-car connectivity.

Like other carmakers, Kia aims to make FOD a key part of its business model in the future, enabling cars to be sold in fewer versions, with owners then buying the specific features they want.

Kia is preparing to launch its new SUV for 2023.

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