Kanye West, increasingly lonely: who has left the American rapper this time and why

Kanye West seems to be increasingly lonely lately. There’s an old Romanian saying that we can’t put on air, but it describes the rapper’s current situation very well.

In the wake of his anti-Semitic comments, Kanye West is facing being dumped by everyone around him, including his business partners.

Who else has dumped Kanye West this time around

Recall that about two weeks ago, he became persona non grata on social media. In a post, which was immediately deleted by administrators, West at the time shared a screenshot of a message he allegedly sent to Sean “Diddy” Combs, in which he tried to insinuate that the latter “was controlled by a group of powerful Jews,” reports NBC News. Subsequently, his social media accounts were suspended.

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You’d think Kanye West’s troubles would end there, but far from it, it seems. Recently, the CAA agency announced that it is ending its collaboration with Kanye West, the reason being his anti-Semitic comments.

The artist signed his contract with CAA in 2016, and it stipulated that the agency would strictly handle his tours. However, since 2016 to date, West has not been seen on any tours, so this could also be a reason for dropping the collaboration, with his anti-Semitism most likely being the “icing on the cake”.

Moreover, looking back, the rapper’s behavior has left much to be desired in recent years, especially during the presidential election in the United States. At one point, West even expressed his intention to run for president, only to later offer his support to former US President Donald Trump. That said, where else is he going to find the time to get involved in music?

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