What is severe apnea, the disease suffered by Jorge Javier Vázquez?

The well-known television presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez is going through a very complicated year in terms of health. After his last trip to the African continent, the most recognizable face of Tele 5 has not been able to fully recover his health. After several tests to diagnose exactly what problems he was having, the presenter has confirmed in his ‘Lecturas’ blogVidas Propias’, which suffers from severe apnea: “I don’t know the reason, but I promise that I am doing my part to recover that figure of mine that raises so many sighs of admiration. For now I have been diagnosed with severe apnea, so I will have to sleep with a machine. I celebrate”.

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Severe apnea in a sleep disorder where the breathing at stops and restarts repeatedly, thus resulting in a collapse in the respiratory tract or a obstruction of it during sleep, and then returns with a snore or snort. To control it, the presenter has to use a machine called the CPAPwhich is responsible for pumping air under pressure through the mask into the airways.

Jorge Javier felt the need to make this diagnosis public after reading a comment in Instagram where a user criticized his physical appearance, pointed out him for being “fat” and said to have noticed him “more swollen”. Even so, the presenter assures that he does not care how people see him and that opinions about his physical appearance do not affect him.

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