Johnson sees “pretty clear” that Russia is preparing an invasion: “We are on the edge of the precipice”

MADRID, Feb. 14 (Royals Blue) –

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned that there are “pretty clear” signs that Russia is finalizing an invasion of Ukrainian territory and has urged to avoid something that would be “disastrous”. “We are on the edge of the precipice, but there is still time for the (Russian) president, Vladimir) Putin to back down,” he claimed.

Johnson has cut short a visit to the northwest of England to return to London and follow the evolution of this escalation of tensions from Downing Street. The British ‘premier’ has called a meeting of his main security cabinet, after his government already urged him to leave Ukraine on Friday, reports the BBC.

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“It is very important that the West is united,” added Johnson, in favor of a “tough package of sanctions” in case Russia finally takes a step that it has always denied for now. In this sense, he sees “encouraging” how many of the countries have formed a common front, also under the umbrella of NATO.

For Johnson, there is no doubt: there are “serious preparations” for a Russian invasion of Ukraine. It would be “a disaster for Russia”, but nevertheless he does not see it as inevitable today, which is why he has appealed for dialogue to reduce a situation that, today, he considers “very, very dangerous”.

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