Joaquín: “The Betis have a special love for the Cup”


The captain of Real Betis, Joaquín Sánchez, highlighted the “special love” that the Betis have for the Copa del Rey in the press conference prior to this Saturday’s final against Valencia (10:00 p.m.), in addition to influencing that these days He has “dreamed a lot” of positive things in what will be his second final with the club of his entire life.

“One always dreams of beautiful things, but maturity, years and experience make me be cautious and I know that first you have to play it. It is clear that one always dreams a lot and since I returned to Betis I always dreamed of fighting among the best and tomorrow We have a very nice opportunity. I have dreamed a lot, a lot, and one always thinks positively so that everything goes well,” said Joaquín.

“The feeling is that we are going to have our options the same as throughout the year. Valencia is also deserving of playing in the final but we will play as we have been doing with the handicap that it is a final and we have to be intelligent. Many times these parties are inclined by small details”, remembered the gaditano.

In addition, Joaquín was also asked about the 2005 final that he won against Osasuna. “It’s been 17 years since Betis played a final and I see and feel that we’re going with the same enthusiasm tomorrow. We want to play a great role and bring great joy to the Betis,” he added.

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Regarding the pressure for the game, Joaquín admitted that “sometimes it’s not easy because” in Seville “all this is experienced in a very special way”. “You try to be as professional as possible, work and focus on the game like the rest of the season, but it’s complicated. A lot of things come to you, you see your neighbor, you see your friend’s son… I, for example, was quiet until I have said goodbye to my wife and my daughters. We must play with our idea that has gone very well for us. Cold mind and warm heart, “Joaquín insisted.

“My teammates somehow know what it means to play in a Cup final and what it can mean to win a title here in Seville. They can imagine it, but living it is something else. I was lucky enough to win the 2005 final and what I try to convey is that those who will be in the charterhouses will support us until the end and we will have our people by our side. This is the most important thing for us,” he stressed.

“At the best time for this final? Yes, it’s probably the best time, playing finals at this point in my career is not easy. It’s going to be an important day that’s going to mark a lot of things. I’m going to try to enjoy it to the fullest. It’s a privilege to be here, proud to have been able to enjoy that final and to return to another one with the team that saw me born”, he commented.

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Asked if he will share the cup with his teammates or lift it alone if Betis wins, Joaquín said he had not thought about that issue. “I don’t know, it’s something he hadn’t thought about, but I wouldn’t mind raising it with the captains and with the entire team. They will be just as deserving of this Cup as I am.”

“Starter? Whoever comes out, the team will be at 200 percent. That’s what has brought us here. We’ve given an extraordinary level that allows us to play finals. That’s the prize for this squad.

Tomorrow’s final has no influence on my future. I haven’t thought beyond tomorrow. Regardless of what happens it won’t change if I continue or stay. I try to enjoy what comes to us, it is something very beautiful, and the Betis are going to enjoy it. The Betis have a special love for the Cup. Whatever happens, I’ll decide on my career.

“Proud and happy if this is the case,” he added about the possibility of being the only player to win two titles with Betis. “It is the prize, in a way, for the love for football, for the dedication to this sport and for all these people, my teammates who have been able to help me. Happy to see Betis in another final, which is the most important thing for me” Joaquin finished.

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