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It’s happening at the pump and it’s the worst news for gasoline and diesel car drivers


It was absolutely inevitable that this would happen. Fuel prices in Romania have continued their upward trend and are a worrying issue.

The month has not even started better, and prices for standard gasoline have risen by between 22 and 33 bani in all this time. The situation is worrying across the country and, although the difference of about one leu between petrol and diesel is maintained, both are becoming more expensive to see.

At the moment, it tends to be impossible to find gasoline under 8 lei both in Bucharest and in the rest of the country. The only exceptions come in the form of Rompetrol and Lukoil gas stations, but at the opposite pole, prices have jumped to 8 lei and 15 bani per liter at Mol.

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Gasoline and diesel in Romania, a luxury

Prices for most food and services in Romania will increase at an accelerated pace in the next period, as a consequence of the situation on the fuel market. If you look at the standard diesel, it seems inevitable that by the end of the week it will not reach 9 lei per liter. Currently, in the case of MOL gas stations in the capital, it fluctuates around the figure of 8.9 lei, with maximums of 8.93. At OMV you can find it at 8.88, while Lukoil is at the opposite pole at 8.81.

If you are looking for the full half of the glass, it does not exist. In the context of the Petrotel refinery processing mostly Russian crude oil, and the Brussels authorities are upset to ban oil purchases from Putin’s country, the chances of facing new increases in the coming weeks are significant.

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A bit strange is that gas stations increase fuel rates differently. For example, Lukoil made petrol more expensive by 5 bani on Monday and diesel by 6 bani. On the other hand, MOL, which will benefit from exemptions from sanctions in the case of refineries in Hungary and Slovakia, in the scenario of an embargo, increased petrol by 12 bani per liter and diesel by 13 bani.

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