It happens at the pump and all drivers need to know: this hasn’t happened in a long time with petrol and diesel

After a few disastrous months for Romanian drivers, due to fuel prices, there are reasons for optimism, and the good news came from the main gasoline and diesel trader in Romania.

OMV Petrom has reduced the price of both petrol and standard diesel yesterday. The difference of about 4 money between the old price and the new price is not necessarily fabulous, but it creates a positive precedent and shows signs of optimism in the market. Basically, we are talking about prices of even 7.59 lei for standard gasoline in Bucharest, up to a maximum of 7.83 lei, at the time of writing this material.

Gasoline and diesel, a little cheaper

The cheapest gasoline in Bucharest, of 7.59 lei, can be found at the two Petrom stations near the company’s headquarters, it is Jiului Street and Petrom City Station. Also there you will find the cheapest diesel, about 8.5 lei per liter.

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Yesterday’s wave of reductions continues the fall in prices that started on Tuesday. At that time we were still talking about 4 bani / liter. Compared to the prices during the Easter holidays, when we were talking about 7.71 – 7.86 for petrol and 8.6 – 8.7 for diesel, the prices are lower by about 4 bani.

Lukoil kept the same prices, of 7.62 -7.67 lei for gasoline and 8.48-8.51 lei / l for diesel. MOL kept the price of gasoline fixed at 7.67-7.87 lei / l, but increased the price of diesel by 4 bani, at 8.6-8.71 lei / l.

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Beyond the figures, however, the imbalance between supply and demand for diesel in the European and domestic markets remains at this time and is still reflected in an upward trend in prices. Gasoline has remained at a similar price for the last 40 days, if not even cheaper. On the other side of the barricade, however, diesel has become more expensive by about 12% or 91 bani / liter over the purchase price of gasoline. Only in the week before the Easter mini-holiday, the increase was 10 bani per liter.

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