Israel thanks European powers for their “firm position” against Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapi has thanked the governments of France, the United Kingdom and Germany for the “firm position” expressed on Saturday on the current negotiations with Iran to resume the 2015 nuclear deal, which Israel has always opposed on the grounds that it does not eliminate possible threats.

The European powers that once helped sign that deal now have “serious doubts” about Iran’s desire to actually reach a new agreement. They recognize that they are “at the limit” in terms of “flexibility”, in an apparent ultimatum that has not gone down well in Tehran.

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On the other hand, it did please Lapid, who applauded the communiqué at the beginning of a government meeting. The prime minister said that Israel had presented reports that allegedly accredited its misgivings in a “calm and intense” dialogue with the British, Germans and French.

“It’s not over yet,” he has warned, anticipating a “long road ahead” in which he now sees “encouraging signs,” according to the ‘Times of Israel’ newspaper.

Negotiations with Iran will be part of the agenda of the trip that Lapid begins this Sunday to Germany, where he is scheduled to meet with the chancellor, Olaf Scholz.

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