Bolivian interior minister considers Morales’ cabinet a “cancer”

The Minister of Government (Interior) of Bolivia, Eduardo del Castillo, has charged against the cabinet that accompanied Evo Morales in his last months in the presidency and has affirmed that it is a “cancer” for the ruling party, Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS).

Morales and Del Castillo have crossed statements in recent weeks, mainly on account of the former president’s cell phone during an election rally. The former president has denounced a “dirty war” against MAS.

Del Castillo has gone back to the months prior to the 2019 elections, which derived in his opinion in a “coup d’état”, to accuse the ministers of the time of doing “nothing” because they limited themselves to look after their interests despite what they already foresaw that could happen.

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“Unfortunately our leader Evo Morales has a cancer, a cancer that if not treated is going to be terminal and that cancer is his ex-cabinet”, has sentenced the head of Interior.

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