Iran’s chief justice says they are “ready” for dialogue with protesters

The president of the Supreme Court of Iran, Gholam Hosein Mohseni Ejei, has said this Monday to those who in recent weeks have been demonstrating against the government in several cities of the country, including Tehran, that they should know that “they have ears for protests” and that they are “ready” for dialogue.

“Citizens or political groups should know that we have an ear for protests and criticism and that we are ready for dialogue,” Mohseni Ejei, who has acknowledged that the Iranian political system may suffer from “weaknesses and failures.”

“We are ready to listen to suggestions and we also have no qualms about correcting any mistakes,” he said according to statements reported by the daily ‘Donya e Eqtesad’ and echoed by the DPA agency.

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However, Mohseni Ejei has claimed the need for the protests to be carried out through peaceful channels before sitting down to dialogue. Although the protests began almost a month ago, in recent weeks they have intensified as a result of the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini, a young Kurdish woman arrested for not wearing the veil properly.

As the protests continue, several Western countries have already demanded new sanctions against the Tehran government in response to the repression of the demonstrators. The NGO Iran Human Rights has so far put the death toll at 185, including 19 children, as a result of police action.

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Earlier Monday, the British government imposed a package of sanctions on three senior members of the so-called Morality Police as well as the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in response to the crackdown on the demonstrations.

For its part, Iran has accused the United States, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Western partners of orchestrating a sort of foreign conspiracy to “deceive” the country’s youth to provoke “violent unrest” after “failed” attempts at economic warfare.

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