What the Galaxy S23 looks like in the most detailed images yet. PHOTO

For the last few generations, Samsung’s Ultra models have offered a slightly different design than the base variants. It looks like the Galaxy S23 series will change that, bringing all three variants, Standard, Plus and Ultra, to a slightly more “unified” design. Basically, all three will abandon the “island” for the cameras in favor of vertically arranged circles, similar to what we saw on the Galaxy S22 Ultra earlier this year. As we get closer to the launch, we also have the first high-resolution images based on the official plans.

This is what the Galaxy S23 could look like, according to 3D plans available online

YouTube channel 4RMD has published a series of 3D renderings of the Galaxy S23 series, revealing the new design in great detail. We already knew these phones would adopt this design, and we’ve even seen unofficial mockups confirming it from accessory manufacturers. But now we have images that can give us a much clearer idea of how Samsung might bring these changes to its devices.

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The three cameras are arranged vertically, and are encased in similarly shaped metal rings. We’ve seen other manufacturers make the rings larger or smaller depending on the sensor and lens. Samsung, however, wants as “clean” a design as possible for its flagships. The only other visible element is the flash, located next to the topmost camera.

Compared to the camera island on the S21 and S22, which stretched along the side of the phones, the S23 looks like a slightly more “well-behaved”, or even “conservative” series. The Galaxy S23 and S23+ models are expected to feature flat screens, something that seems to be very popular in the industry lately. The S23 Ultra might keep the curved edges, but it’s possible that the curvature won’t affect the screen, just the glass above it.

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According to recent rumors, Samsung will exclusively adopt Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processors on the three S23 models, regardless of the region in which they will be released. The launch date, originally rumored for December, could be set for February, in fact. This date is in tune with previous Samsung launches in recent years.

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