iPhone 15 ‘Ultra’ could get 5x optical zoom, 8K shooting and better battery life at an even higher price

The rumors about the next generation of iPhones continue. Several reliable sources say that in 2023, the iPhone 15 series will be little changed from what we’ve seen over the past three years on the market. So instead of two base models and two top models, we’ll get different variants in the top tier. The current Pro will remain on offer, but the Pro Max model will be rebranded as the iPhone 15 Ultra and could benefit from exclusive hardware not found on other variants.

iPhone 15 Ultra could replace the Pro Max

Since from 2024 all phones in the European Union will have to use USB-C exclusively, rumours today say this could be the biggest change in Apple’s phone range next year. The Lightning plug could disappear from the four new iPhones, replaced by the industry standard. Unfortunately, Apple might have to wait another year and not release phones with USB-C until 2024.

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The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will remain base models, but are rumored to get the new “Dynamic Island” cutout, as well as the A16 processor from the current Pros, but no refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. The Pro model might just be an evolution of the current one, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max might get all the major upgrades.

Rumors talk about the possibility of getting 8K resolution shooting capability, along with a 5 or 6x optical zoom camera with periscopic lens. Also, the Ultra model could have an even bigger battery than currently, which would provide an extra 3-4 hours of use over current models. All of these upgrades, along with Apple’s A17 processor, would bring the starting price for the iPhone 15 Ultra to $1,199, which is US$100 more than the 14 Pro Max. Given that prices in Europe have already gone up, it’s likely that next year’s Ultra will be even more expensive in this region.

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The above information has been published by both trusted sources, such as Taiwanese analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, as well as leaked Twitter accounts such as LeaksApplePro.

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