Google announces Chrome OS Flex, a new “lite” operating system for older computers

Google has announced a new operating system based on Chrome OS. It’s called Chrome OS Flex and is designed to be used primarily on computers with limited performance, to extend their life after they become too slow or no longer receive software support on their original platforms. It can be installed on both desktop and Windows laptops, but also on Mac computers from Apple, equipped with Intel processors.

Chrome OS Flex is presented as an effective solution for prolonging the life of computers

Google’s promise is that the Chrome OS Flex operating system, based on cloud technologies in particular, starts much faster than an operating system like Windows and macOS, offers high security and, most importantly, does not slow down over time. In fact, this operating system seems to be designed for companies with a fleet of devices, offering the possibility to manage computers through an administration interface.

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Basically, we are dealing with a lighter version of Chrome OS, which uses only web applications, without compatibility with Android applications. This means that it is an operating system that needs an online connection almost all the time. Because it primarily uses web services, the operating system blocks local executables and allows applications to run in the sandbox so as not to affect other parts of the software. Thus, it is not necessary to use antivirus software, according to Google. It also does not require the intervention of the IT department for the update, as the updates are done automatically, in the background.

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Another advantage would be the ease of installation. Chrome OS Flex is now available in “preview” version, which may contain bugs, and can be downloaded directly from the official website and installed via a USB stick. However, there is also the possibility of being installed on multiple systems at once, using the “network deployment” function. The new Flex will replace the cloud version of Chrome OS, hitherto called CloudReady, once it reaches the final development stage.

There is also a list of compatible devices, including most major brands of laptop manufacturers. Chrome OS Flex is made primarily for businesses, but the operating system can be downloaded and tested by anyone, and it’s completely free.

source: Google

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