iPad mini 6 tablets can no longer be charged after iPadOS update

The update to the latest version of iPadOS comes with unexpected problems for iPad mini 6 tablet owners, with some users complaining that the tablet once downloaded cannot be charged again.

Apparently caused by a software bug introduced by iPadOS version 15.5, the iPad mini 6 tablet’s battery is being discharged to below the minimum voltage specified by the manufacturer. Once stopped with the battery fully discharged, the tablet cannot restart the charging process when the power cable is plugged in, as the battery detected with voltage below the safe margin is considered faulty by the device firmware.

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Although resulting from a software bug, the inconvenience is rooted in a very real hardware problem, with the over-discharged battery most likely requiring replacement. The scenario also seems to be confirmed by users who tried to fix the problem without Apple’s help, forcing a reinstall of an earlier version of iPadOS.

Confronted with the situation that has arisen, Apple officials admit that iPadOS version 15.5 has introduced some battery charging issues on iPad mini 6 tablets, but offer no concrete fix at this time. It’s not even clear whether or not the next revision, iPadOS 15.6 Beta, comes with the same bug.

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For now, the company has only informed Apple Store employees and partners to hold off installing the latest firmware version until an official fix is released.

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