These 4 gaming hotels aim to fulfill the ultimate gamers dream

Every year the working people ask themselves: What holiday type am I? Answers to the type question would be:

  • Romantic vacation for couples with a candlelight dinner – followed by spontaneous separation at the check-out counter.- Oh, no.
  • Self-discovery holiday in the monastery and with meditative head relaxation and organic tea – Stop!
  • Gaming vacation with state-of-the-art arithmetic servant, RGB luminous inferno and gaming chair – Where shall I sign?

First check out (gaming), then check in (to the hotel): Before I pull out the Platinum Master Card to squander my annual salary on the gaming holiday par excellence, I leaf through the holiday catalogue. Have a look if you can!

But do not cut on the sharp-edged sides! You still need your fingertips when gambling! The following is a guide in terms of gaming hotels.

Destination: Panama

The tiger and bear from the Janosch children’s book already knew: Panama is beautiful! This is especially true for gamers! How come? Well, Hotel Hilton in Panama offers a hotel room for hardcore gamers.

behind the room Alienware Room is the hardware provider of the same name Alienware – and of course the room of the same name is also equipped with Alienware hardware.

A dream for gamers? Only if you’re financially irresponsible enough to shell out $349 a night. That’s how much an overnight stay in the Alienware Room costs.

Pretty awesome! But before I prejudge: what does the guest get for his three hundred and thirty-nine (!) dollars? I’ll let the bullet points speak for this:

  • 4K OLED TV my 165 Centimeter Image diagonal
  • Alienware-PC with state-of-the-art gaming hardware (at least that’s what a euphoric TikToker claims)
  • An Alienware laptopconnected to a screen with a diagonal of about 85 centimeters
  • Xbox One Elite-Controller
  • gaming chair specifically for racing games

Anyone who identifies with the Alienware hardware brand – i.e. already wears an Alienware hoodie anyway, dumps discarded Alienware laptops in their muesli in the morning and their firstborn on the name Alienware baptized – he will be able to appreciate the other furnishings of the hotel room. Attention: Now it’s getting brazenly stupid!

  • beanbags (printed with the Alienware logo)
  • double beds with Alienware pillow
  • With the Alienware logo decal shower door
  • RGB-style accent lighting everywhere (for example: squeaky-pink lights on the bathroom mirror or blueberry-blue ceiling lights on the windows)
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Would I check in at the Hilton Alienware? Pulling the lobster tails wrapped in gold leaf at the Hilton’s breakfast buffet – then tossing them on a sightseeing tour through the Panama Canal: I’m in. Where I definitely wouldn’t be: In front of an Alienware computer to play CS:GO – or something. Sorry, Hilton Alienware. Nice cooperation, but without me.

Destination: China

The offer is by no means new. As early as 2021, colleague Benedikt Schlotmann from our sister editorial office MeinMMO reported on the Chinese accommodation offer – at that time the gaming room was equipped with:

  • Gaming-PCs – Optionally equipped with RTX 3070 or RTX 3080.
  • Gaming-ready peripherals – including: headsets and the usual input devices (mice, keyboards, you name it).
  • The phrase must be allowed: The physical well-being is also taken care of, because the shelves are filled with the body and stomach food of every passionate gamer: Ramen noodles and french fries! What more does the diet of the culinary naïve gamer need?

Cost trap gaming room? Compared to the gaming room from Panama (see above), the player’s room from Chinese provenance is a real bargain: the price per night was between 70 and 130 euros – at least in 2019.

When it comes to pricing, the following applies: the higher the quality of the hardware in the room, the more expensive the overnight stay.

Would I check into the gaming hotel in China? I would use my trip to China primarily to fill my stomach – with Zongzi, Dim Sum and Won Ton. Well, and with this 24-hour gluttony, unfortunately, there weren’t even five minutes left to check into the gaming hotel. Duìbùqǐ!

Destination: Taiwan

Holidays in the eastern hemispheres are your thing, but have you played through China yet? Then why don’t you try Taiwan? That’s right: In the iHotel, each of the bookable rooms is equipped with two high-performance gaming PCs – and other gimmicks that make gamers’ hearts do a somersault.

Compared to the other locations from this list, the iHotel is even cheap: You have to shell out a slim 100 euros per night. A tame price considering the high-quality gaming equipment that adorns the rooms. Somehow.

The iHotel also offers a special feature: If you only want to play for a few hours, but don’t want to book a whole room with a bed, bathtub and minibar, there are gaming computers in the hotel lobby. These can be booked individually, which according to should start at 75 US dollars.

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Would I check in at the iHotel? The answer will surprise you, but: no, I wouldn’t. You’d think I’d have something against gaming hotels in general. But no! Gaming hotels are simply contrary to my personal holiday planning. It’s nothing personal (says the man who, during his recent vacation Wolfenstein Youngblood played through).

Destination: Hamburg

Do you already get states during the tram trip to the neighboring district? Pustules on your skin just thinking about long-haul flights to China, Taiwan or Panama? No problemo: In Hamburg, with Rcadia meanwhile a gaming hotel has been stamped out of German soil.

To quote YouTuber LazerStar:

You can do all the sh*t there.

Unlike the rest of the listings, the Rcadia Hamburg doesn’t offer rooms decorated with gaming hardware. Instead, separately bookable gaming attractions are offered – including: a car racer (like back then in the arcade. The older ones remember), a VR Tower Day (similar to paintball or Lastertag), PC & console gaming (so far, so unspectacular ).

Would I check in at the Rcadia Hamburg? My stance on gaming hotels is now more than overused. So let’s jump straight to my personal conclusion.

Patrick You can

I find gaming hotels a wee bit silly. Sure, especially in the Far East I’d be lost with my anti-attitude, but my point of view as a swede-and-purity-law German is: When I’m on vacation, I want to be as far away from any screens as possible during the day.

Okay, train your fingertips with a 3D platformer in the evening, you can do that on vacation too. But book an indoor theme park vacation where the best I can do is get sunburned from the RGB lighting – to which I say: No thank you!

At least I now know which establishments I am guaranteed not to consider when planning my next holiday: gaming hotels – and of course also Berlin hotels with bursting large aquariums. I would exclude both from a planning perspective.

On the other hand: Would I let myself be invited by a provider like Rcadia to be convinced of the holiday suitability of their offer in a practical test? But of course!

Do you think gaming hotels are the best invention since the introduction of Dewey decimal classifications in libraries – or are gaming hotels late capitalist activities that belong in the orcus of oblivion? In other words: Have you ever been a guest in a gaming hotel? Write it to us in the comments!

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