Intel and Dell Report

More than half of UK students believe a degree in e-sports would be as useful to them as a traditional subject such as math, according to a report prepared by Dr. Eliza Filby. in collaboration with the British Esports Federation.

Study, funded by the U.S. chip manufacturer, Inteland the computer brand Dellrevealed that of the 700 students surveyedthe 53% believe, or strongly believe, that e-sports would be a useful skill. In addition, the 56% agree that a qualification in esports along with other subjects could improve their chances of getting into university.

In addition, according to the report, the 78% of British students between 11 and 17 now playand many say their passion has driven other interests, such as content creation. The esports also top the list of extracurricular activities preferred, surpassing traditional activities such as dance, theater and art.

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The 41% indicated that they would opt for pursue an esports degree if it were available, and many believe that it would help them with the critical thinking, acquisition of new skills, and communication skills.

The research follows a wave of growth in the video game sector in education in the UK, ranging from schools in Scotland partnering with local colleges for e-sports curricula to independent training provider Virtual Learning UK.

Dell and Intel commissioned a similar study in March 2022, which found that more than two-thirds of UK parents believe that e-sports allow their children to develop skills they could not acquire through traditional educational methods, with 54% saying that e-sports give children more confidence.

For this generation, school doesn’t end at 3pm. There is a misconception that video games and e-sports have no real value for young people, when in fact through them key skills are developed that will prepare them for the inevitable metaverse and AI-driven future. While there are other things that the Alpha generation will need to thrive in the future, from engagement with the natural world to face-to-face communication, we need to understand that video games are one of those core experiences that will help prepare them for the 21st century.

Dr. Eliza Filby, director of the report.

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