Some giant rubber ducks have invaded Hong Kong -.

Two giant ducks have been spotted in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour as part of an art installation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.

Hofman hopes the ducks will promote happiness in the city, saying they are “two twice as much fun, twice as much happiness” represent.

Speaking to Reuters, he said: “I hope it will bring as much joy as in the past and in a world where we have suffered from pandemic, wars and political situation, I think this is the right time to bring back double happiness.”

This is not the first major city the Ducks have invaded, as they have made their way around the world since they were founded in 2007. We are not sure how much they will lift the spirits of the general population, but it is funny to see these two giant ducks wading through ports like inflatable godzillas.

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Some giant rubber ducks have invaded Hong Kong

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