Instagram to add official support for reposting posts

A very common practice among Instagram users as well, reposting posts has so far only worked through improvisations such as cropped screenshots posted manually to extensions offered by third parties.

Predictably, the results are not the best, with posts thus repurposed having at best only pictures at lower clarity/resolution. But often the person who takes the initiative to repost another user’s photo or post forgets to cite the source/author of the original post, and uninspired or downright regrettable photos end up circulating further on Instagram without the author even knowing of their existence.

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Attempting to address this “grey area” of reposting posts on Instagram, Meta will officially implement the social media platform’s Repost feature.

Instagram admins thus confirm that the mobile app will first get a new option for retweeting posts in the test version: we’re “exploring the possibility of retweeting posts in an Instagram feed, similar to how you can retweet in Stories, so people can share what resonates with them and so the original creators are credited for their work.” They also added that “we plan to test this feature soon with a small number of users.”

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The new repost option will eliminate the need to use apps or media provided by third parties. Such apps have been around for many years and are usually lined with insistent ads displayed full-screen, the decision made by Meta is likely to improve the experience for all Instagram users.

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