What the new Pixel 6a looks like, disassembled down to the last component. VIDEO

Launched in July, the Pixel 6a is the less expensive version of the Pixel 6 series, shipping with fewer extravagant features but perfect for Pixel series fans on a budget

The Pixel 6a comes with the same Tensor processor found in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro versions, but differs in more hard-to-grasp aspects, such as the use of a less sophisticated fingerprint sensor.

As for the example here, the video analysis starts with a rather unpleasant surprise, as the phone comes with the camera lens frame and back cover scratched straight from the factory. Fortunately, the screen was protected from careless handling by employees, coming with a pre-applied film. However, it’s obvious that Google’s promised quality standards aren’t exactly met at the OEM partners’ factories in China.

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Disassembly starts with the removal of the screen, exposing the fingerprint sensor that comes glued to the back of the screen. There is also a fairly large graphite foil, which ensures that the heat generated by the electronic board is transferred to the battery area, thus facilitating more efficient dissipation.

Removing the battery seems a little easier than other Pixel phones. The clip goes on to unscrew and remove the motherboard. Unfortunately, the USB-C port comes glued to the electronics board, which will make repairs more expensive. The good news for mid-range smartphone fans is that the Pixel 6a comes with a good quality proximity sensor, avoiding situations where the screen doesn’t close when you put the phone to your ear.

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In the end, the Pixel 6a received a repairability score of 7/10 points from YouTube channel PBK Reviews, pretty high for a smartphone brand whose developer doesn’t necessarily place an emphasis on facilitating easy repairs.

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