when the iPhone 14 series will be launched and what news the new Apple phones will bring

Even though it’s four months before we expect to officially see the new iPhone 14 models, there is already information about the release date of the new Apple phones. First of all, we have an estimated date on which the event will take place, along with a list of the devices that the company will present, as well as information about each one. The information was published by iDropNews, based on its own sources, close to Apple.

Apple will keep its regular launch schedule in 2022

According to the article published on the iDropNews website, Apple would hold the launch event for the iPhone 14 series in “week 37” in 2022. Thus, the event could take place on September 13th. This date is in line with the rest of Apple’s launches in the last 10 years, which usually take place around mid-September. The 13th falls on a Tuesday, as Apple has been accustomed to for so long. However, it is unclear whether it will be a live or pre-recorded event, as Apple does not make such decisions until it knows whether or not it may have held a public event in the context of the pandemic.

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For WWDC, which will take place in June, for example, Apple will hold a hybrid event, where some of the participants will be present in the hall and some will go online. Details for the September event will be set for mid-August.

The iPhone 14 series will bring some important changes

However, the products that Apple is preparing are already known. We will be dealing with four new iPhone models in the 14 series. The first two iPhone 14 and 14 Max models will be the “standard” variants, with two cameras and unchanged design from iPhone 13 (including notch). The difference will be that the Mini model disappears, in favor of the Max model, with a 6.7 ”screen. Previously, this screen size was only available on Pro versions. Unfortunately, inside, compared to the current generation, there will be no major changes. The processor will also be the Apple A15, but Apple may change it a bit and rename it the A16. These models will start from 128 GB storage.

However, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max will receive a processor upgrade to the Apple A16 “Pro”, a new screen without notch, with two perforations at the top, a new sensor for the main camera, with a resolution of 48 megapixels, and the prices will increase for these models. The iPhone 14 Pro could start at $ 1,099, and the Pro Max at $ 1,199. However, it is possible that Apple will abandon the 128 GB version and switch to the standard 256 GB on these variants, so it may not be an increase, but only the elimination of the basic model, which can not record video in ProRes in 4K.

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The launch of Apple phones usually comes on the Friday of the week after launch, so it is likely that the countries in the first wave will receive the phones on September 23, and the countries in the second wave will receive them on September 30. Romania is usually in the 2nd wave of launch for Apple.

Apple Watch and AirPods Pro 2 could also be featured

The latest Apple products at this event could be AirPods Pro 2, with a new design, with no visible tails. The Apple Watch will also receive three models: the Series 8, a new SE model, and an “Extreme” version with increased resistance to mechanical shock. No new design changes are expected for the first two, but the Extreme could come with a straight-edged case, as we saw in the leaks last year.

iDropNews also mentions the possibility of new Mac models, in case of a live event, such as a MacBook Pro with M2 processor and a new Mac Mini. If the event is online, these products may be presented on another occasion.

source: iDropNews

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