Instagram is cloning BeReal with new Candid Challenges. They are currently in “internal testing”

Meta copies features from other social networks without trying to hide, and that’s nothing new. It did this when Snapchat introduced Stories, then copied TikTok functionality with Reels, and Clubhouse and Zoom were integrated into Facebook via audio and video cameras during the pandemic. The next “victim” seems to be BeReal, which will soon be cloned on Meta social networks in the form of Candid Challenges.

Candid Challenges are just the latest attempt to “clone” another network’s functions inside Instagram

BeReal has been available on the market for a long time, but it has only recently started to become relatively popular, which has attracted attention from the big players in the social media market. As Meta is the largest and the one with the most resources available, copying some of the features doesn’t seem like too much effort. And it’s not even the company’s first attempt of this kind.

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Candid Challenges, which is currently in internal testing within Meta, allows Instagram users to act in a similar way as on the BeReal network. At some point during the day, the app sends a notification to users. The time at which the notification comes is random, and users only have a limited time of two minutes to take a photo of what they’re doing at that moment. Of course, in order to copy BeReal as clearly as possible, the photo is taken with both the front and main cameras at the same time, so that the environment in which you are taking the photo can be seen as well as your face.

The photos are then sent to the user’s Story, so somehow it combines the new concept into something familiar to Instagram users.

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Given that BeReal is higher in the download charts on app stores than Meta’s, and that the audience activating on BeReal is Generation Z, the generation Meta is now trying to attract to its platforms, perhaps this clone called Candid Challenges will be released to the public in the not-too-distant future.

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