Cristina Fernández thanks the support of her militants and criticizes the actions of local authorities

The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, has thanked the support of the activists who were in the vicinity of her home denouncing the request of the prosecutor Diego Luciani for 12 years in prison for several alleged corruption offenses.

Kirchner has made his speech from a makeshift stage in the vicinity of the building where he lives, from where he pointed to the Buenos Aires Government for the placement of fences surrounding his home to contain the demonstrations.

“The violence was provoked by what I call the hatred to the joy and love of Peronists, who have always been objects of violence,” the vice-president has expressed. “I am a citizen too and I pay my taxes just like all those who are here”, she has assured, before adding that “then they say that we are the violent ones”.

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In this sense, Fernández de Kirchner regretted that her “house was literally besieged” by the fences placed by the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

“They are more than just preventing free movement, (…) they want to prohibit absolutely peaceful and joyful demonstrations of love and support, which take place in the face of the already undeniable persecution of the judicial party,” she has assured.

According to her words, the vice-president has criticized that “they want to exterminate Peronism”. “We have to ask the opposition to stop competing among themselves to see who hates Peronists more”, she has requested.

Finally, Cristina Kirchner has asked the militants to “go get some rest” because “it has been a long day”.

Larreta has given on Saturday night a press conference in which he has asked Kirchner to make the demonstrators leave the area, before proposing a dialogue table for Sunday.

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“I have heard that this is Larreta’s Police. I want to be clear: this is the Police that works to take care of all Argentines who live, transit or work in the City”, has declared the head of the Buenos Aires Government.

Thus, Rodriguez Larreta has added that they will work for social peace. “On the other hand, the vice-president and Kirchnerism do nothing but pour fuel on the fire”, he criticized.

The governor has also criticized Kirchner’s actions. “The vice-president seeks that the solution of her problems with the Argentine Justice be settled in the streets, confronting some Argentines with others. We will not allow it”, he concluded.

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