Instagram announces new automated tools and templates for posting videos to Reels

Soon, all videos uploaded to Instagram will be posted to Reels, the TikTok alternative developed by Mark Zuckerberg’s company.

To make it as easy as possible for the somewhat hard-pressed celebrities to contribute to the content platform that Facebook and Instagram admins are trying to “take on” rival TikTok, the dialogue used to upload videos will include a generous supply of tools and templates ready to use to convert Instagram clips into eye-catching posts ready for distribution on the Reels channel.

For example, you’ll be able to mix videos and photos with minimal effort, choosing from a selection of templates and transition effects. For example, you can use the so-called “green screen” to cut out the person in the uploaded video or image and superimpose it over a background photo of your choice. The list of available options continues with Picture-in-Picture mode, which you can use to add your own clip to the corner of another you want to comment on. The clip in question can also be another post already published on Reels, making it easier for authors to increase their audience by commenting on other clips that have already gone viral. Another option is to add your own remix to the end of the original Reel, appearing as a summary or response to fan reactions.

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Also coming to the aid of authors who may not have the best inspiration, or the experience needed to compile a successful post, Meta provides a selection of templates pre-loaded with audio and video effects, leaving you to simply add the photos and clips you wish to share.

Another “innovation” that should propel the Reels platform ahead of rival TikTok is the ability to shoot with your phone’s main and front-facing cameras simultaneously using the capture mode included with the Instagram app.

And if all the “helpers” listed above aren’t enough, then Meta confirms that it will convert all videos uploaded to Instagram into Reels posts anyway, as long as they’re no longer than 15 minutes. In addition, Meta encourages sharing videos as short as possible, with videos under 90 seconds being more likely to be recommended by the platform’s algorithms, thus reaching more followers.

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