New vacuum robot release: Yeedi declares war on Roborock

A new vacuum robot has been released: You can now get the Yeedi Cube for less than €600 - making it a real value for money!

A new vacuum robot has been released: You can now get the Yeedi Cube for less than €600 – making it a real value for money!

The September 1st is the deadline for the Yeedi Cube! A new vacuum robot sees the light of day – and it has big plans. The Cube wants to attack Roborock and Co. in the high-end segment. It also has the right requirements: a fully automatic cleaning station.

I thought of a very special test for the Yeedi Cube: it can do its work in my wife’s restaurant, the Cat Temple in Augsburg. How is he doing?

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New vacuum robot with wiping function and fully automatic station

The Roborock S8 Pro Ultra is currently considered the Robot vacuum cleaner par excellence. Its Ultrastation cleans, fills and empties it automatically, suction power, app and navigation are at the highest level – but it also costs just under €1500 more than twice as much as the new Cube!

Yeedi is taking a counterattack and is launching a competitor with the Yeedi Cube on September 1st. The cube can do almost everything the Roborock can do – only the fresh water tank is not in the station, but in the robot. But that’s anything but dramatic, because it’s extremely lush compared to most other vacuum robots!

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Lisi, Pebbles and Findus (from left to right) immediately took possession of the Yeedi Cube upon its arrival.  Cat approved?  But yes!

Lisi, Pebbles and Findus (from left to right) immediately took possession of the Yeedi Cube upon its arrival. Cat approved? But yes!

At the same time cleans the station but also the mop, Blow dry it and also empty the dust container. What is vacuumed up then ends up in a dust bag in the station. This means that the vacuum robot is ready for use again after each cleaning.

But now the exciting question: How does it perform in the practical test with five cats?

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Yeedi Cube in the practical test: Five paws for a hallelujah?

I have now been using the Yeedi Cube for a few weeks. At first he worked on the ground floor of my wife and I’s home, but now he works in the cat temple. This means that after every day in the evening vacuums and mops the guest room. You can imagine: with more than a hundred guests per day – and bad weather, dropped fries, etc. – it’s not necessarily a small amount.

First of all, the suction power: it is up to 5100 Pascal specified. For comparison: The S8 Pro Ultra for €1,500 has a maximum of 6,000. However, both strengths only apply in maximum operation and do not necessarily say anything about the cleaning performance.

The suction function of the Yeedi Cube but satisfies me. In particular, he masters difficult tasks really well, such as crumbs from cat litter that arise in the cats’ retreat room. Occasionally one or two crumbs remain, but I don’t know of any robot vacuum cleaner that hasn’t had this happen.

However, I don’t currently see the wiping function as high-end. It does what it’s supposed to do – the floor is clean, smooth and dust-freebut when it comes to removing stubborn stains, the Cube, like almost all other vacuum robots, really has a hard time.

The problem is that there is not enough pressure and friction. Here you have to occasionally wipe down yourself. But it’s definitely enough for paw or shoe prints.

There is still one point of criticism: there is only a single brush roller. Although this is the most effective for pure cleaning, it has the disadvantage that long hair can easily get caught there. At home this caused problems with our fluffy dogs. In the Cat Temple, however, it generally works perfectly.

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Fully automatic cleaning station and the thing with the app

Considering the price I have to say: The Yeedi Cube does a good job. The workmanship quality isn’t high-end and there are a few little things that make you notice the price (for example the outer material of the robot, which isn’t really noticeable in everyday life), but overall that’s it Price-performance ratio very good.

My experience with setting it up and using the app wasn’t quite as good – but it should be mentioned here: I tested the Yeedi Cube before it was released, so the app wasn’t final at that point and in some cases hadn’t even been activated yet.

I would therefore only like to mention the app in passing. Two things ultimately bothered me here: Firstly, the layout of the map is a bit imprecise, and secondly, I would have liked more customization options for cleaning and cleaning patterns. Otherwise, you have to say: It is quite clear and also has a nice and playful design. I like this.

I liked the furnishings less – or rather: The connection to the WiFi. It took me at least five attempts both at home and in the cat temple in Augsburg. This urgently needs to be improved!

The station itself does its job perfectly. The mop doesn’t smell even after two weeks – but you should still wash it every now and then for hygiene reasons.

Conclusion and more than 100€ voucher!


  • Good suction and cleaning performance
  • Fully automatic station works well
  • Great value for money
  • Navigation is almost always problem-free


  • Establishing a connection with WLAN is adventurous
  • App setting options limited
  • Pure wiping performance is only average

Overall, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the Yeedi Cube. To be honest, I was expecting more errors, especially in the navigation, especially since the Cube doesn’t come with a small “turret” for LIDAR detection like an S8 Pro Ultra or most other vacuum robots. Nevertheless, he navigates through the restaurant without any effort and skilfully avoids obstacles.

The station and the cleaning performance are also consistently good. The quality of the materials isn’t top notch, but when you consider what kind of robot vacuum you get for this price, that’s absolutely not important. If the app were a little better and it had a rubberized double roller, then I would recommend the cube without any ifs and buts.

Here’s how you can get the cube for just over €100 cheaper:

Until September 10, 2023 you can sign up for just €1.99 Yeedi official site Purchase a coupon worth €105 – you can get the cube on Amazon for only €594.99! Considering what it offers, this is absolutely awesome!

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