Tinder users use ChatGPT AI to respond to messages and get the most successful matches

After stirring controversy with the way it can approach conversations about almost any topic, ChatGPT AI is now stepping into the role of “matchmaker” on Tinder, generating “elevated” introductory messages using much more succinct user-voiced cues.

The practice isn’t exactly new, with the most avid Tinder users turning to rented “bots” for years to automate swipe actions and send pre-formulated messages to potential conquests, all in an attempt to maximize the number of successful matches and, by extension, the number of real-life dates. Trying to combat this phenomenon, Tinder administrators are threatening to block users who abuse such “helpers” if caught.

According to the new strategy, ChatGPT is for use when you don’t have much inspiration of your own to impress your future conquests. So instead of putting effort into creating a detailed description for your Tinder account, you open ChatGPT and ask the AI to create an introductory message based on your qualities. Once you come up with an artistic result that you’re happy with, you just grab that text using a copy/paste command and add it to your profile description. You can use the same tactic to generate even more introductory messages to send directly to potential conquests, in the hope that the AI’s more elaborate/creative approach will get you the expected reaction.

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Inevitably, the next step is to redirect (still via copy/paste operations for now) some of the responses you receive on Tinder as well, in the hope that a more “spontaneous” response generated via ChatGPT will help you take the conversation further in a constructive direction.

Eventually, AI-only controlled Tinder accounts will become a reality as well, creating big problems for bona fide users as well as administrators of the dating platform. For example, scams in which Tinder users are lured into fictitious romantic relationships for material gain could increase exponentially once the technology behind ChatGPT becomes mature enough.

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