The actor who was married three times, but only one woman “took his mind”: Dan Tufaru’s ex-wife died shortly after him

It’s been 20 years since beloved Romanian actor Dan Tufaru passed away. However, it can be said that he remains, to some extent, immortal, since the plays in which he played have enjoyed, for years, so many generations of Romanians.

Dan Tufaru has been married three times, but it is said that only one of his wives really managed to “take his mind”. She died a few months after him.

Dan Tufaru – archive image

Dan Tufaru, from the beginning

Dan Tufaru or Dan-Dumitru Tufar, in the bulletin, was born on 3 February 1944 and died on 28 November 2002.

In 1965, Tufaru graduated from IATC, and later performed on the stage of the National Theatre in Craiova, then moved to the Giulești Theatre.

In 1976, he became a “long-term” actor at the Comedy Theatre, but in the last years of his life he worked at the Jewish State Theatre in the capital.

As for television, throughout his career, he starred in well-known films such as “Uncle Marty the Billionaire”, “The Flying Birds Arrive”, “The Beginning of Truth”, “The Stone Cross”, “The Pimp” and “Revenge”.

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At the same time, he formed a successful trio on TVR with Florian Pittiș, but also with Anda Călugăreanu, who was to become his wife and with whom he had his only child, Ioana Tufaru. The band was called “Vai”. A video excerpt can be seen at the end of this article.

Dan Tufaru and Anda Călugăreanu – archive image

Dan Tufaru’s three wives: the one he fell hopelessly in love with

Dan Tufaru was married, one after the other, to Anda Călugăreanu, as mentioned above, and later became the husband of Vasilica Tastaman. In the latter part of his life, the actor married Cristina Dogaru, an actress about 20 years his junior.

We are used to seeing them play roles, often refusing to accept that actors are normal people too, just like us. They love, they hate, they do good deeds, sometimes bad ones, which means only one thing, that they are not gods, so they are allowed, even they, to make mistakes.

About Dan Tufaru’s marriages, his colleagues used to say that one of them had “put a cap” on him. It was his second wife, actress Vasilica Tastaman, with whom he fell in love while he was still married to Anda Călugăreanu.

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Tastaman, in turn, was in a marriage to Emeric Jenei.

“I was in Moscow with them. That’s where a voltaic fire broke out, that’s where Dan fell in love with Vasilica. It was painful afterwards, because Dan was married to Anda Călugăreanu”, actor Vladimir Găitan told the Journal.

Both Tufaru and Tastaman divorced to be together,

Clearly, what followed was a marriage full of “nagging” that lasted less than ten years.

Perhaps most interestingly, a few months after Dan Tufaru departed from the living at the age of 59, Vasilica Tastaman also passed away at the age of 69.

“I am very glad to have met Vasilica Tastaman just a few months before she passed away, and my meeting with her was very pleasant, unexpectedly pleasant.

It was a happy coincidence that I went to ask for her autograph and tell her this: I am Ioana, daughter of Anda and Dan Tufaru. She put her hand on my cheek, she cried. She said: “Don’t be angry with me, don’t be angry with me. It’s not my fault that it happened this way. It was meant to be”, Ioana Tufaru, daughter of Anda Călugăreanu, recounted years later.

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