Google Pixel team caught on Twitter using iPhone, not Android

Just days after the launch of the new Pixel models, Google doesn’t seem to have much faith in its new phones. Or at least the team in charge of the Pixel brand’s social media presence, as they seem to be posting content on Twitter from an iPhone, even as they try to attack Apple in a direct response to CEO Tim Cook.

Twitter gaffe quickly corrected, but the internet never forgets

Last week, Tim Cook tweeted a video promoting the new iPad models with the hashtag #TakeNote. The Pixel team saw this as an opportunity to boast about new Pixel features and a partnership with the American basketball league, the NBA. However, it seems that the message directly addressed to Tim Cook and NBA fans wasn’t published from a Pixel phone or even an Android model, but from an iPhone.

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The response to the Google Pixel account’s message were full of taunts to Google, with messages like “Twitter doesn’t work on the Pixel?”, or “Even the Google Pixel team uses iPhones”. Of course, shortly after, the message was deleted and replaced with an identical message. But that one was posted from a web browser, not a mobile app.

pixel twitter iphone

Twitter is one of the few social networks that specifies the device from which a message was published. Over time, other official accounts, or brand ambassadors, have also posted from iPhones, despite promoting Android phones, and fans have reacted each time to point this out. The most famous cases are from Samsung’s official accounts, but also in the case of actress Gal Gadot, who promoted Huawei phones from an iPhone.

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In that case, it was Marques Brownley/MKBHD, the famous tech YouTuber who first noticed that the actress’s social media team was not using Huawei. In response, the actress’s official account blocked MKBHD on Twitter.

Source: Phone Arena

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