Influencer Lark Davis reveals the biggest cryptocurrencies in his portfolio

Crypto-currency trader and influencer Lark Davis, widely known as “Cryptolark,” took to his Twitter page to reveal exactly which cryptos are on the top two spots in his portfolio.

Here are the cryptos that are on top of the portfolio of “Cryptolark

Curiously, the top two largest positions in Lark Davis’ portfolios are the same cryptos that appear in the top ten market cap list – bitcoin is the first crypto he holds, with Ethereum a close second to BTC.

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It’s easy to guess which crypto currency he probably doesn’t hold. Earlier this year, the’crypto influencer criticized Cardano and its native ADA token. About 10 days ago, he expressed surprise that ADA remained in the top 10 list in terms of market cap.

The play remains there, he tweeted, despite his belief that it has almost no DeFi, a small amount of retail dapps, and only about 70,000 trades per day on average.

ADA Whale, a Twitter handle focused on Cardano, stood up to him in defense of Cardano. He tweeted that Cardano has many dex, borrowing and lending protocols, NFT bonds, provides tokenization of books and music, etc.

Bitcoin briefly tops $23,000.

Over the weekend the flagship digital currency, bitcoin, managed to surpass the $23,000 level for the first time since August of last year, but failed to settle there.

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Before the price spike, the top Bitcoin whales, who own between 1,000 and 10,000 Bitcoins, collectively bought more than $1.43 billion in Bitcoin. That’s about 64,638 BTC. Last year, between February and December, these same whales had actively lowered their BTC holdings, according to data research firm Santiment.

Following in Bitcoin&squor;s footsteps, Ethereum has jumped above the $1,600 level. Unlike BTC, Ethereum is now staying there too.

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