The Shiba Inu community (SHIB) wants Shytoshi Kusama to stay on as head of the company

According to a recent survey conducted within the Shiba Inu community, most of its members continue to support the lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, despite the recent reshuffles within the project’s inner circle.

In recent days, the community has been rocked by speculation about an increasingly bitter feud between Kusama and Trophias, co-leader of the SHIB defense team.

In a message shared on Discord, Trophias accused Shytoshi of taking over the Shiba Inu ecosystem with “a hostile takeover” and to destroy the decentralization of Shiba Inu by dissolving the “races“.

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Kusama reportedly fired many community figures, including SHIBQueenie. “Everyone is replaceable. Everything is moving forward, don’t worry,“Queenie wrote to on Twitter after announcing his departure with an enigmatic piece of art.

Breeds represented a team of people who were supposed to support community developers in growing the ecosystem.

After cutting them off from the Shibarium channel, Kusama faced a lot of criticism within the community. Some community members accused the main developer of having “a megalomaniac personality“.

It looks like the team is still on track to launch Shibarium, a long-awaited layer 2 solution, despite this infighting.

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In a message posted on Telegram, Kusama explained that he is currently working with several teams. “If I only work with one, there is a point of weakness. What happens if a designer decides he’s done enough not to design? Or that the DOD decides to take the offensive? I have to plan for all possibilities. It’s not always taken with a smile“, he wrote.

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