IKEA sells waterproof Bluetooth box for 15 euros: what to expect?

Source: IKEA

Source: IKEA

Admittedly, IKEA does not stand for high quality. Nevertheless, the products of the Swedish furniture store just fly off the shelves. Whether desk, couch, bed – or Bluetooth speaker.

Does Vappeby make you happy too?

Vappeby is the Bluetooth speaker series from Sweden. The box is available in Germany in two variants: once in combination with light as an outdoor lamp and as a portable speaker for children that looks like a chicken. Cost: 50 euros.

Not pretty, but rare.

Not pretty, but rare.

Another variant will be added in April.

The new version of Vappeby has a simple design and should primarily score with two features: Splash-proof thanks to IP67 certification and 80 hours of battery life.

What do you get for 15 euros?

The new Vappeby is silicone-coated, measures 90 mm x 60 mm x 90 mm and weighs just 190 grams. It can be carried around on the lanyard cord – or even hung up in the shower. The colors yellow, red and black match almost every bathroom tile. With a second cube you can even enjoy stereo sound.

The Bluetooth speaker is charged via USB-C.

For only 15 euros and with a running time of up to 80 hours, the Vappeby will sell like fresh Köttbullar, no question. Unpretentious design and no frills make the howler cube attractive. Incidentally, the new Vappeby is already available at IKEA Austria.

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Whether you get good audio quality for so little money is another matter. I wouldn’t expect a good sound for a slim 15 euros. The main focus here is clearly on the functionality.

By the way, colorful and unusual Bluetooth speakers are currently in vogue, as our colleague Patrick found out:

If quality and design are more important to you, Sonos has something up its sleeve. I am now testing the Bluetooth speakers Era 100 and Era 300. The review will go online on March 27, 2023.

15 euros for music in the shower: would that be worth the probably mediocre sound quality? As an outdoor companion, Bluetooth speakers have long since established themselves, especially among teenagers and young adults. Do you use wireless speakers to play music yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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