Microsoft Authenticator no longer works on Apple Watch

Using the Apple Watch as a convenient way to authenticate into apps and various online services is no longer a viable option for users who prefer Microsoft Authenticator.

Adding to the exodus of app developers for the Apple Watch, Microsoft announced some time ago that it would be retiring the watchOS version of the Microsoft Authenticator app, citing “incompatibilities with the security features” of the Apple-developed platform.

Quite usefully, the Apple Watch version of the Microsoft Authenticator app allowed users to generate two-step authentication codes without having to search for their mobile phone or tablet, ready to use with the device they were currently using. But as of now, Apple fans only have the iPhone and iPad edition of the app.

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The company says the decision to pull the companion app for watchOS was made to protect user security, as the Apple Watch operating system is “incompatible with Authenticator security features.” Simultaneously, the option to pair watchOS-based devices in the main iOS app has also been removed. Microsoft Authenticator will still allow pairing of other supported OS devices, such as WearOS-based devices.

The app is available for free in the App Store and can be installed on any device running iOS 14 or later.

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