Floki Inu (FLOKI) jumps 38% after tagging Elon Musk and the Kucoin quote!

The Floki Inu (FLOKI) meme currency has seen its price skyrocket after being listed on the leading crypto-currency exchange Kucoin. However, it seems that another factor has had a bigger impact on this price spike, and that is Tesla chief and “meme lord” Elon Musk.

The Floki account thanks Musk for “the opportunity“.

In a recent tweet, Elon Musk posted a photo of the “Twitter’s new CEO“, depicting a Shiba Inu dog sitting at a desk and wearing a black T-shirt with the inscription “CEO.” That tweet drove up the price of Musk’s favorite meme coin, the DOGE.

However, it appears that the tweet propelled FLOKI up about 38%, as the official Floki Inu account responded to Musk by thanking him “for this opportunity“.

As a reminder, the Floki Inu meme was created after Musk posted a tweet in June 2021, in which he shared a photo of his Shiba Inu puppy named, Floki after a character from the popular TV series “Vikings.”

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Floki’s tweet reads, “I’ve gone from puppy to adult dog and I’m ready for this new adventure!“The Floki Inu handle hinted that Musk had tweeted a photo of his puppy, so the Floki account took it as a favorable sign.

Floki Inu listed on Kucoin

Floki’s Twitter account announced the listing of the token on the leading exchange Kucoin, which he calls “massive and one of Floki’s largest listings” to date.

FLOKI will be coupled with the stable currencies USDT and USDC, now exposed to 27 million platform customers in more than 207 countries, according to the tweet.

Earlier, Floki Inu made an announcement that FLOKI has also been added by the LunarCrush with SHIB, BNB and Dogecoin, and is now available for trading among the platform’s top assets.

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