Ideal YouTube and streaming camera: Sony ZV-1 currently cheap!

If you like to capture your travels and experiences and document them with your camera, there is only a few hours left of an ideal offer on Amazon! Here you can currently get the Sony ZV-1 in a complete bundle with a bag for only €724.85 instead of 859 euros! So you save a total of 134.15 euros!

Buy Sony ZV-1 VLog Camera cheap at Amazon

That’s why the ZV-1 is worth it

The ZV-1 is designed as a selfie camera so you can easily film yourself. The swiveling display allows you to always check how good you are in the video. Thanks to autofocus, you stay sharp in the picture and you can adjust the background blur with the bokeh switch.

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The soft skin effect gives your skin a natural look and a ideal illumination of the face. The multi-interface shoe makes it easy to use the camera with a separate gimbal.

The Sony ZV-1 offers a Sensor resolution of 20.1 megapixels and enables the recording of 4K videos. To ensure good intelligibility, it is equipped with a directional 3-capsule microphone including a windscreen, which ensures excellent sound quality even in stormy weather.

And so that you can easily take them with you everywhere, you get them directly in a bundle a carrying case, in which you can safely stow the camera even when you are not using it. Accordingly, it is no problem to take them with you on longer hikes.

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To the Amazon deal

Other streaming solutions

You can also find other camera solutions for games and streamers in the following purchase advice with the currently best webcams. There you will also find out what exactly distinguishes a good device and you can tailor your purchase to your personal needs.

Discover more exciting deals in the deal ticker. Regardless of whether it’s about technology or gaming: Here you will always find interesting offers and attractive prices. Because high-tech doesn’t have to be expensive!

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