Hyundai invests in batteries: the partnership that gives it an advantage

Hyundai has signed a partnership that will strengthen its position in the segment dedicated to the development of car batteries.

Hyundai is partnering with IonQ quantum computer company to develop batteries. Moreover, the new partnership will focus on the performance, cost and safety of lithium batteries.

Quantum computer maker IonQ said it is partnering with Hyundai to use quantum computers to develop more efficient batteries.

The partnership will create a battery chemistry model to simulate the structure and energy of lithium oxide, to help improve the performance, cost and safety of lithium batteries, IonQ said.

Researchers believe that quantum computers could run millions of times faster than today’s advanced supercomputers, which could make tasks such as mapping complex molecular structures and chemical reactions much faster.

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For this to happen, quantum computers still need to expand, experts say. Despite this, companies, from banks to pharmaceutical companies, are testing different ways to start using quantum computers to prepare them for the day when they become more reliable.

Hyundai is investing heavily in batteries

Electric vehicles are expected to dominate the global market by 2030, compared to 2020 forecasts that green cars would be expected to account for half of new car sales in 2040.

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Thus, Hyundai has set up a battery development center under the Electrification Development Division to ensure advanced battery technology and core competitiveness in electric vehicles. The center has teams for battery design, battery performance development and more.

In addition, the R&D center will also focus on raw materials for batteries and semiconductors, as they are expected to become more important along with growth in the global electric and autonomous vehicle markets.

The company streamlined its research and development by combining project management teams and product integration teams to accelerate EV development.

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