Hyundai has created a robot that charges your electric car -.

Without a doubt, the biggest challenge and inconvenience of being a car owner is having to get out of your car to use the pumps at gas stations. Fortunately, as we get closer and closer to an all-electric car future, Hyundai has addressed exactly this problem.

As the automaker and technology company has now unveiled a robot designed specifically for charging your electric car. In a press release, we are told that the robot communicates with your EV (Terminator fans are no doubt starting to fidget) so that it can open the charging port and plug in to complete your car.

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Simply called automatic charging robot, or ACR for short, the robot is designed to operate in all environments, weather conditions and to overcome obstacles in its path.

Although it is worth saying that this is more of a concept robot at the moment, as the device is only ready to be exhibited at the Seoul Mobility Show between March 31 and April 9, and not yet for widespread deployment around the world.

Hyundai has created a robot that charges your electric car

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