How well built is the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The strength of the housing and the protection against scratches have been tested

Galaxy S22 Ultra is without a doubt one of the most desired Samsung phones of the moment, appreciated for the level of performance it offers from the format of a pocket gadget. With a not very modest price, of over 6000 Lei in the offer of Romanian stores, some users wonder more jokingly or seriously what can happen with Galaxy S22 Ultra if it is used intensively. How does the case withstand wear and tear and what happens if you put your phone in your back pocket and sit down.

The answer was given on the famous YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, “sacrificing” a Galaxy S22 Ultra just out of the box.

In the first test, the S22 Ultra’s screen is “tested” for scratch resistance, scoring 6 points on the MOHS scale, a very trivial result, which does not separate it from other much cheaper phones.

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Protected with a pre-applied plastic micro-foil, the metal frame of the phone does not leave much hope for an honorable result in contact with the sharp blade of a cutter, the painted finish giving way to a specific sound. We can only assume that the same result would follow the unforeseen contact with other hard objects, such as the cement floor. Unsurprisingly, the metal buttons can be “pulled out” of the body of the case if they are hung from the side, the design designed by Samsung engineers using rubber seals as a replacement for a dedicated retention mechanism.

Well protected in the body of the phone, the S Pen accessory must be handled with care, the recycled plastic case extracted from fishing nets collected from the bottom of the ocean being surprisingly brittle.

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Passing the “lighter test”, completely irrelevant to the normal use of the phone, the bending test reveals a surprisingly solid construction, for such a large phone and covered with double-sided glass. Despite the effort made by the author, no sounds could be heard to indicate the appearance of cracks, and none of the surfaces fixed with adhesive came off.

At least as long as it is not dropped, the Galaxy S22 Ultra demonstrates excellent structural strength and reasonable wear protection, and simply equipping it with a high-performance protective case is probably sufficient for most use scenarios.

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