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How to remove notifications from Chrome that you accidentally subscribed to or no longer want


Notification services offered by many sites are a useful way to keep up to date with the latest news or information about various products or services. Sometimes, however, we end up accidentally subscribing to such alerts or some we no longer want. Fortunately, giving up notifications is not complicated.

We’ll explain how to do this in the Chrome browser, which is the most popular in the world.

How to unsubscribe from desktop notifications

The easiest way to clean up notifications is from the dedicated settings section of the browser. Go to the top right corner of the browser at the three dashes arranged vertically, click Settingsand in the search box above, type “Notifications” or “Notifications”, depending on the language used (English / Romanian) for the program menus.

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After pressing Enter, select Site settingsthen go on Notifications. There, at the bottom of the page, you’ll find all the sites you’ve been able to send notifications to, and you can remove unwanted ones.

To quickly stop notifications on a specific site, go and click on the small padlock in the omnibar, then uncheck Notifications.

How to remove unwanted notifications in the mobile browser

In the Chrome browser, which ships with almost all Android smartphones and is also popular on the rival iOS platform, removing unwanted notifications can also be easy.

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The user must go to Settingsand there select Notifications. In the section Sites Visited sites that the user has agreed to may not be checked or unchecked have not been checked over time.

In Chrome for mobile, notifications can be quickly turned off on a site by tapping the small omnibar padlock and then accessing the section Permissions. To remove notifications, press the button Reset permissions.

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