How to properly clean your toaster

Cleaning the Toaster: A Practical Guide

Cleaning the Toaster: A Practical Guide

The toaster is the kitchen appliance that is probably one of the most used, in some families every day. And why not? Warm slices of bread with toppings are delicious!

However, the more you use your toaster, the more crumbs will collect on the bottom or in the grooves. There is also dust that falls in through the slits and, in extreme cases, even vermin in the form of beetles.

Burnt taste is the smallest problem. All of these are possible sources of fire.

How to properly clean your toaster

Cleaning the toaster is usually at the bottom of the to-do list. With daily use, you should do this once a week at best – and no, step 1 alone is not enough.

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This is how you do it:

  1. Unplug the toaster and shake it upside down over the sink.
  2. Pull out the crumb tray (if you have one) and clean it with warm water and soap.

  1. Take a cloth, dampen it with vinegar and wipe out the slits where crumbs and impurities have gotten caught.

  1. Wet the head of an old toothbrush with vinegar and gently brush in the bread slots over the parts of the toaster that get hot. Stubborn crumbs that can catch fire get caught here.
  2. Wipe the bread slots with a slightly damp cloth to remove vinegar residue.
  3. Shake the toaster over the sink again to remove any loosened crumbs.
  4. Allow the toaster to dry completely before plugging it back in. This usually takes a few hours.
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With that you have done everything necessary to avoid fires caused by breadcrumbs.

All kinds of interesting tech stories are hidden in the household. I myself cooked with ChefGPT for 5 days. And a man from Spain had to hack his own washing machine after it broke:

If you don’t clean your toaster regularly, you’re not only damaging your health, you could even cause a fire in the kitchen. How often do you clean your toaster? Or other kitchen appliances? Do you wish you had more practical guides like this? Please give us your feedback in the comment column.

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