Lenovo announces ThinkPhone by Motorola, a high-performance business phone integrated with the company’s laptops

As expected after the last few weeks of “leaks”, Lenovo has announced a Motorola phone integrated into its “Think” family of devices. ThinkPads are some of the most popular business laptops, and the new ThinkPhone by Motorola could become the phone that many companies will use as a work phone, offered to employees alongside laptops. It comes with high-performance hardware and a special, highly durable construction.

ThinkPhone uses high-performance hardware and rugged construction

In terms of hardware specs, the ThinkPhone by Motorola doesn’t appear to be a very “special” model. We’re talking about a phone based on last year’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chipset, along with a 6.6″ OLED display with 144 Hz refresh rate, 8 or 12 GB RAM and 128 to 512 GB internal storage. The 5,000 mAh battery charges at 68W wired and 15W wireless.

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What makes this model special, however, is the customizable red button on the left side, which can also be used as a walkie-talkie button with Microsoft Teams or other business communication apps. Then there’s the back cover made of aramid fibre, which in theory is stronger than steel and significantly lighter. We can see that there back is decorated with what we usually call “carbon fiber”, and the frame on the sides is made of aluminum. The screen is protected by Victus Gorilla Glass.

These materials provide water resistance to IP68 standard, and other shock and vibration or low temperature resistance to MIL-STD 810H standard. It should “survive” impact with the ground at 1.25m and water at a depth of 1.5m.

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Camera-wise, it’s not flagship-level, but it comes with three average cameras. A 50-megapixel f/1.8 main sensor with stabilisation will do the “heavy lifting”, while the 13-megapixel ultra-wide camera also has a macro function.

Think 2 Think will enable phone communication with a ThinkPad laptop

Lenovo promises Think 2 Think connectivity with ThinkPad laptops, a technology derived from Motorola’s Ready For. So you can sync your clipboard for copy/paste from one device to another, quickly transfer photos and documents, view notifications on each device separately, and use your phone as a webcam on your laptop.

The ThinkPhone will also come with Microsoft 365, Outlook and Teams pre-installed, making it essentially a business phone. That also means it won’t be available to buy from any specialty store, and will likely be sold only in B2B mode to begin with. It will launch in the coming months in the US, Europe, South America, Australia, Asian countries and the Middle East.

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