How much does the 45W charger help shorten the charging time on the Galaxy S22 VS 25W, cheaper

Although it is the series of Samsung phones with the fastest charging technology, Galaxy S22 does not manage to impose itself in front of the competition represented by Xiaomi, Oppo and other lesser known brands. Not that Samsung couldn’t implement ultra-fast charging technology on Galaxy phones (e.g., at 120W), it’s just that the South Korean manufacturer is keen to do so with minimal compromise on the safety or longevity of the battery. .

While other smartphone manufacturers announce over 120W charging speed available on their devices, Samsung has just confirmed the 45W speed, available only on the top S22 + and S22 Ultra models. It’s just that practical tests show that the promise is more of a marketing ploy, with the promised loading speed being achieved and sustained for so little time that it almost doesn’t even matter in terms of total waiting time.

Measured step by step, the charging curve for the two Samsung models that support 45W power closely follows that obtained with the 25W adapter, which is considerably cheaper. Existing more in marketing leaflets, the charging speed at 45W is only reached as a peak of the charging process, if certain very strict conditions of temperature and battery capacity are met simultaneously. In practice, the time savings obtained when fast charging even works at a maximum speed of 45W is practically imperceptible, the practical tests show that both the Galaxy S22 + version and the S22 Ultra model are charged only 8 minutes faster than at using a 25W power adapter. Strictly tick the list of specifications, the maximum charging power of 45W is reached and sustained for about 1 minute, thus avoiding any possible side effects resulting from overheating or forcing of the installed battery.

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Thus, the same Galaxy S22 Ultra phone charges in 62 minutes up to 100% battery with the 45W AC adapter, respectively 70 minutes with the 25W adapter.

As for the “legendary” speed of 45W, it is reached only in the first minute after connecting the USB-C plug, after which it is kept at about 30W for about 20 minutes, after which it continuously decreases to a minimum of 5W, when the battery is close to rated load.

Ironically, the illusion of charging speeds is also dispelled with the help of Samsung, which, not delivering in the Galaxy S22 accessories package a harmonized AC adapter with the power passed on the phone label practically forces buyers to experiment with not ideal accessories, discovering on this occasion limitations that Samsung would have wanted to go unnoticed. Making the search easier, we can say from the start that buying the official 45W power adapter is most likely a waste of money, the 25W version bringing the best results, compared to the price paid.

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