Notepad app in Windows 11 to get biggest update in 30 years

Notepad, one of the oldest and simplest built-in apps in Windows, has started receiving updates with the release of Windows 11. Remaining almost unchanged since the 90s, but with Windows 11 it will get a new interface. But it looks like the major changes are just beginning, and the next update will integrate the ability to open multiple files at once.

Notepad will be easier to use with tabs to open multiple files in the same window

A Microsoft employee tweeted that Notepad now has tabs, along with a screenshot demonstrating the feature. However, it seems that he wasn’t paying attention to the screen message, as this feature was supposed to be still secret until Microsoft was going to officially unveil this update.

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Incidentally, the message was also removed from Twitter shortly afterwards, but the public has already seen and now impossible to deny that this update is in development.

In the image it could be seen that that build of Windows is confidential and that the updates should not be discussed with anyone or photographed, which is exactly what happened.

windows 11 notepad tabs

Notepad is a fairly simple text editor, but can also be used for other purposes, such as editing configuration files. Other similar applications, however, offer many other advanced capabilities, including the ability to write and compile code.

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Incidentally, displaying multiple tabs in Notepad is not the first attempt to launch. Around the time of Windows 10, Microsoft tested this capability before, but apparently abandoned it until now.

As is usual with Microsoft apps, most likely Insiders will be the first to test this capability, and then it will be released in final version via Windows update to the general public.

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